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Since 1995, Yongkang Zhongtian Household Appliance Co., Ltd has been in operation. Initially, we were a small factory that produced popsicle moulds. However, over time, we expanded our product line to include frozen ice cream paper cups, yogurt cups, paper coffee cups, paper bowls, paper lids, french fries cups, popcorn cups, take away food boxes, paper bags, colored paper boxes, kraft paper cartons, and more. From having just one mould to now having over 100, and from one machine to 50 machines, we have grown significantly.

We are always striving to make the world more beautiful. Even though there is still much that needs to be changed on our planet, we are continually seeking ways to provide higher quality and sustainable products. Our goal is to convey every type of innovation and to earn the trust of our customers. We combine green ideas into everything we do, solely for the purpose of dedicating our best biodegradable products to our planet. We love the earth, and we are committed to protecting it.
We firmly believe that creating a beautiful world is a wonderful thing, which includes promoting healthy concepts and building environmentally friendly goods. YKZT GROUP will continue to move forward on the path of assisting with global environmental protection.